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Literacy is health, Books for Shay

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On March 9th we are partnering with Augusta University, Medical College of Georgia, and the Augusta Community Hub for Innovation to host the annual Literacy is Health Books for Shay event.  This event has grown over the years into an amazing service event for our local community.  Our goal for Smile for Shay is to keep Shaylin's memory and impact alive by performing acts of kindness in her name.  While investigating the needs of the CSRA for projects Chasity reached out to the teacher group at her alma mater Augusta University to find out if our organization could help with a book drive they were attempting to start.  We always told Shaylin that "readers are leaders" and Shaylin was a voracious reader that always read way above her grade level, so we knew this was a mission that would be important to her.  This is how Books for Shay started. It has grown steadily over the years and we are incredibly excited to be hosting another event.  In years past these events were hosted at local Richmond County elementary schools, this year we are going to be hosting at the Augusta Community Hub.

Books for Shay Article from Augusta University

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We just want to share a story from Augusta University on the impact the the Books for Shay had on the Richmond County Community!

New Sharing Shed at GTMS!

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We have added a new Sharing Shed location!  For Shaylin's birthday this year Trent wanted to place a new Sharing Shed at his school Grovetown Middle School.  We contacted GTMS to coordinate where it could be placed and had a new shed built in January with the intention of placing it on Shaylin's birthday in May.  However, due to everything that is going on right now around the world with COVID-19 we realized that there are families in need now.  We decided to go ahead and install this shed now and have stocked it up with non-perishable food items.  If you are in need or would like to donate there are now five locations in Grovetown to go!  Thank you to everyone who has supported this effort, and thank you to Grovetown Middle School for allowing us to place a shed on the school property to help our community.

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