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All community members that interact routinely with Grovetown High School Seniors are welcomed to nominate any students they believe deserve this scholarship. The goal of this scholarship is to recognize and encourage the spirit of kindness, compassion, and empathy in our community.

Once nominated the students will be contacted in order to provide them with instructions for the application process. The only requirements for receiving this scholarship is that the student is a Grovetown High School Senior and that they apply and are accepted to college following graduation. The scholarship will be transferred from Grovetown High School directly to the student's college account to be used for education related expenses.

In your nomination please include the specifics of interactions you have had with the student that led you to believe they would be a good candidate for this scholarship. Please also include your role when you were interacting with the student, as well as a brief background about yourself. We may contact you to verify your identity prior to accepting your nomination.

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